February 19, 2020


CheWow, a young revolutionary food company based in Bremen, launched its new website as part of its relaunch. We worked together to create beautiful and delicious visual content going along with the brand's visual identity and mission.


Jung von Matt


Lukas Baseda

Woman's hand holding a vegeterian wrap food revolution blue Food commercial photography artificial light Philipp Burkart photographer in Hamburg

About the Client

CheWow dedicates itself to food revolution. They believe that  everybody can make the world a better place. Everyone individually, each in  his own way. Their way? Producing good food with a high nutritional value made  with sustainable and regional ingredients. Oh yeah, and it's delicious.

The project

For starting a food revolution beautiful pictures of delicious  food are not enough. They have to pop out. So we took a very loud, colorful,  but clear approach to make the pictures go along with the company's mission:  make people hungry. To try new things. To change something. To make the world a better place. Viva la revolution!

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